June 1, 2011

grilled tofu appetizer

The texture of tofu may not appeal to everyone but somehow this Asian staple food has successfully made its way to the produce or health food aisles of most grocery stores. In Asia, tofu is part of the food scene and culture. We have many Filipino dishes that uses tofu as well. The problem with tofu is the bland flavor and strange texture. Eating it as is will probably turn off even the most adventurous. However, marinating it or adding it to a dish with a flavorful sauce makes it so much better. Tofu is like a sponge (sounds like a good comparison :-) that soaks up and retains the good flavors of a sauce or marinade. I first got the idea for these grilled tofu from my aunt. It's important to drain the tofu slices well then press them in between sheets of papertowel or dish cloth to remove as much moisture as possible. I brushed the tofu slices with olive oil then sprinkled them with salt and pepper just before grilling. They were topped with crunchy radish and carrot strips, garnished with cilantro and served with an Asian-inspired sweet chili sauce.

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