September 28, 2011

afternoon stroll and lunch in Gastown

We finally caught up with the hop on-hop off trolley at the Westin Plaza hotel after a long wait. We decided to take a relaxing ride not just because we had limited time and a bit tired from the bike ride but they seemed to be extra busy that day and for some reason the trolleys were missing their schedules. It was a pleasant but busy afternoon around the city. I was excited to see the popular attractions along the way. We enjoyed our stay in Vancouver immensely. We're thankful to get a glimpse and a little taste of the healthy and active lifestyle of the city. Bike rentals were scattered all over the city and seems to be a thriving business. Walking and biking are a normal part of everyday life. It was a great place to visit and worth coming back to.

(1) the round HR McMillan Planetarium and Centennial Museum (2) with a stainless steel crab sculpture and fountain in front (3) inside Chinatown (4) fruit and vegetable stall in Chinatown

we saw the statue of Gassy Jack (the founder of Gastown) & the touristy steam clock along Water Street
Hungry and ready to eat from our morning activity, we decided to get off the trolley at Gastown to get some lunch. It was just a short distance away from our hotel and the walk back was easy and pleasant. We spotted Water Street Cafe and I remembered that it was one of the most recommended restaurants in Gastown. We couldn't be happier with the menu. The food was mainly Italian and there was an excellent choice of pasta, fresh seafood, salad and desserts.

mixed green salad with champagne dijon vinaigrette and candied pecans
hot salmon salad ~ B.C. salmon marinated in a sweet soya dressing sautéed and served over crisp greens
my husband tried the duck confit with a balsamic and pineapple chutney glaze on garlic mashed potatoes
very tempting dessert menu
classic tiramisu
the restaurant's signature dessert baked apple and rhubarb in filo pastry was worth the 15-minute wait:-)

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