September 29, 2011

seafood at its best ~ Alaskan Chef's Table

Serious seafood lovers will rejoice at the Alaskan Chef's Table and I have to say that it was the best we had in Alaska. Although my husband isn't a seafood fanatic (he has a severe allergy to shrimps and crawfish and he also prefers raw fish in Japanese restaurants to cooked) it's always important for him to sample local cuisine, products and ingredients so this excursion was just perfect.
(1) the Fish House restaurant, located not too far from the port, was the venue for the Alaskan Chef's Table food excursion (2) the handwritten menu at the restaurant (3) an old ornate stove in one corner of the dining room (4) the food prep table (5) the pantry inside the dining area (6) tableware neatly arranged on the shelves
This was a memorable food experience for us. As a fish lover, I was in my comfort zone :-) We signed up for this Ketchikan excursion hoping to get a taste of fresh Alaska seafood and we were not disappointed. We were there with just another couple as it was at the end of the tourist season in Alaska. We were told that at the peak of the tourist season they've had as many as 25 people in one session. I like our timing because it was very exclusive and laid back. We were served the finest halibut, salmon, dungeness and king crabs caught by the local fishermen. Learning about how they are all very supportive of the local fishing industry and the environment made me even more appreciative of the hospitality and the opportunity to sample their delicious seafood.

salmon tasting shown above ~ salmon gravlax on rye toast with sweet onion marmalade, Alaska Fish House signature salmon cakes served with fennel tzatziki, smoked salmon served with diced fresh tomatoes, red onion, capers and a sour cream and dijon mustard dip
miso & ginger sablefish ~ a rich and buttery fish
roasted Alaska king crab & dungeness crab ~ patience and determination are key to get the tender and moist chunks of tasty crab meat out of the shell
Halibut Olympia & grilled salmon with glaze

bouillabaisse-inspired fish stew with halibut
Ketchikan Wild Bread Pudding ~ with wild blueberries & rhubarb
this recipe booklet was handed to us at the beginning of the meal
our very informative guide from Ketchikan (above) was very entertaining and had lots of stories about the culture and everyday life
 our young chef busy preparing and cooking in one corner of the kitchen (above)

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