January 1, 2012

welcoming 2012

Another year is over and as we welcome 2012, we shall always look back with fond memories of happy times and unforgettable travel adventures. I was also fortunate to spend the holidays last year with my family in the Philippines, thankful to have experienced the festivities and traditions there once again. I always felt that New Year's Eve in the Philippines is the counterpart of Thanksgiving here in the US. It's always at New Year's Eve when we try to fill our tables with lots of good food as a symbol of bounty for the coming year and to give thanks for the many blessings of the past year. I guess I will never forget how we celebrate New Year's Eve in Manila and I now try my best to combine the traditions there with those we have here. Aside from briefly watching a colorful mini fireworks display courtesy of our neighbors, the rest of the evening was quiet and relaxing for us. I cooked some of our favorites and shared our meal together with good champagne as we waited for the brand new year.

Best wishes for all of us in 2012!

a traditional centerpiece of round fruits

mixed olives

multi-grain and seeded sourdough

antipasto platter with gouda and camembert cheeses

celebrating with noodles for long life ~ carbonara with fresh fetuccine

mini turkey and pork meatloaf with creamy red bell pepper sauce

roast chicken marinated with garlic and lemongrass
traditional Filipino dessert ~ leche flan
our New Year 2012 celebration food and champagne on the table

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