February 28, 2012

jalapeno sausage balls

some of the simplest snacks can be the tastiest
Since I came here more than ten years ago, I'm fortunate to have been introduced to a variety of traditional foods and local cuisine either by eating at restaurants or learning to cook them at home. I have to say one of the most unforgettable and addictive snacks I've discovered and eventually learned to make are sausage balls. They're also one of my husband's favorites that his mom makes for him during the holidays. The basic recipe I use came from the same brand of country pork sausage I buy to make them, Jimmy Dean. My mom-in-law omits the chopped celery, garlic and onions in the recipe which we like better. The last time I made them, we were having a steady supply of of jalapeno chilis harvested from the jalapeno plant that my husband grows in a pot. I chopped a few and added them to the recipe for a spicier version. Sausage balls are very tasty, extra cheesy and unfortunately high in calories but I guess enjoying them only twice a year during the holiday season is not too bad. I suppose that's also what makes them more special.

jalapeno and habanero harvest

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