March 9, 2012

a lighter sesame chicken

I find the combination of broccoli with chicken or beef in Chinese cuisine very irresistible. Toasted garlic and sesame seeds added crunch as well as a hint of nutty flavor to this classic dish. The light sauce with garlic and oyster sauce completes the Sesame Chicken.

Ordering it in Chinese restaurants may be the easiest and fastest thing to do but it doesn't take much time to cook it at home. There's always an option to make it lighter and healthier by using leaner parts of the chicken like boneless breast fillets. In a skillet, toast minced garlic in oil until light brown then transfer it to a papertowel lined plate to drain. To cut back on calories, lightly sprinkle flour on both sides of the chicken pieces and pan fry them in a little oil until they are golden brown. I like to steam the broccoli pieces to retain the deep green color before tossing them into the skillet with the cooked chicken. For the sauce, stir together a little soy sauce (salt may be substituted), water and oyster sauce and pour it over the chicken and broccoli. Season with salt and pepper if needed. To serve, garnish the Sesame Chicken with toasted garlic, toasted sesame seeds and red chili bits.

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