May 9, 2012

organic produce ~ Off The Vine

A few times in the past, I have expressed my sentiments about not being anywhere close to any kind of farmer's market where we presently live. I don't have much to complain as we have reliable grocery stores close by that sell good quality produce, meat and food supplies. I guess I just miss the big public market in our hometown in Manila where as a young girl, I used to trail behind my mother as she went from stall to stall. It was a way of life that I was introduced to early on. So when I recently discovered a so-called virtual farmer's market, Off The Vine, that services our area, I was delighted. I immediately signed up for their weekly online newsletter but remained undecided. Every Friday, I receive an email with a list of vegetables and fruits that are available for the following week. Aside from supporting the local farmers, growers and food suppliers, their concept of taking the farmer's market to the buyers sounds great. The company handles the picking, boxing and delivery to a designated drop off point. There's an option for home delivery for an additional fee. Fortunately, the pick-up location is quite convenient for us.

box opening shown above and below

I picked-up our first order today. There's a good selection of vegetables and fruits which are all organically grown. My husband is always supportive when it comes to my cooking and we share a love for good food. He was actually the one who convinced me to finally place an order. Everything looks so fresh. We got everything in the list (baby bok choy, green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, broccoli, caulifower, nantes carrots, cremini mushrooms, sungold cherry tomatoes, fava beans (which I can't wait to try), onions, nectarines, peaches, fuji apples) except for the strawberries which they replaced with avocados and tangelos. We're quite pleased with what we got in the box :-)

the bright colors are so inspiring

good quality organic produce for healthy eating


  1. Hi! I was just wondering if you ordered the standard box or the large box? I am debating between the 2! Thanks! :)

  2. Hello and thanks. We've been ordering the standard box only. So far we're very happy with the good quality vegetables and fruits!