June 8, 2012

bolillo rolls

Curiosity led me to attempt to make another popular Mexican sandwich roll called bolillo. The recipe I found was very similar to the recipe for telera rolls that I posted recently. These rolls also turned out chewy but not as heavy as the telera. Much as I wanted to add whole wheat flour, I decided to just use 100% all purpose flour this time to make the rolls lighter.

fresh from the oven bolillo rolls

split, toasted and ready for a variety of sandwich fillings

I just followed the recipe I found online but it was very sticky and impossible to shape. I ended up adjusting it and adding more flour (perhaps close to a cup more) while kneading the dough by hand. Only then was I able to form the rolls in their traditional torpedo shapes. Make a vertical slash across the top of the rolls and brush with beaten eggwhite before baking.

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