June 20, 2012

fig update

It was fun watching our potted fig tree grow so well this year. There were times when we thought the figs would never ripen but as soon as they did, we were harvesting almost everyday. We have been patiently watching and watering it as we found out that they get easily stressed when left too dry. We read that stress will make the fruits drop. We're glad that the wait is finally over. It's harvest time! Some of the figs stayed small and never reached their full size but had to be harvested anyway as they were already ripe and ready for picking.

The bigger figs were so much more sweeter than the smaller ones. The really good ones tasted like they were dipped in honey. I also tried serving them drizzled with extra honey and sprinkled with toasted pistachios for dessert. Shown below are figs that were peeled and sliced.

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