December 15, 2012

discovering Winchester Farmer's Market

main entrance
This winter also brought me back to Memphis to spend a few days of the holiday season with my aunt and uncle. One of the highlights of my visit was our day at a huge farmer's market located along Winchester Road. The market is filled with many varieties of fresh produce, groceries, snacks, gadgets, Asian cookware and tableware. We came in the afternoon and it was getting late so we didn't have much time to see all the aisles. I can easily come back for a day trip to fully appreciate what this market offers. It's definitely for serious market lovers out there.

The aisles are neatly divided according to countries such as Japan, Korea, India and Mexico, but the market has a noticeable huge variety of ingredients used in Latin American cuisine like these fresh edible cactus called nopales and cactus fruits (shown below) as well as different fresh and bottled hot chilis.

Shown below are some unusual and very interesting varieties of Asian vegetables sold at the the market.
eggplant varieties (shown above and below)

we call these "ampalaya" (bitter gourd)

star fruit or "balimbing"

I was amazed to see fresh sugarcane

very fresh oyster mushrooms (shown above and below)

fresh coconuts
yam variety that we like in Manila
wood tortilla presses and Asian rice bowls
Japanese cake rolls and noodles
There's also a fresh meat and seafood section at the back of the store. My cousin picked up some of these good looking live blue crabs (shown below) for their dinner that night.

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