February 25, 2013

olive tapenade bread

I have tried a few variations of this rustic bread. I found the original recipe from the All Recipes website and was inspired to make it when I saw that it has over a thousand very positive reviews and comments. After baking it for the first time, I had to agree with all the happy bakers :-) I kept the recipe and have been baking it since to serve with pasta and all kinds of soup. For this version, I thought about the small jar of olive tapenade in the fridge that could be the perfect addition for a stronger olive flavor. Since the tapenade is already oily, I reduced the olive oil in the recipe to 1 tablespoon and added 2 heaping tablespoons tapenade. The flavor of the tapenade was infused well into the bread and gave it a nice darker color. The bread was flavorful enough to eat by itself but for more texture, chopped black olives may also be mixed into the dough.  

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