February 9, 2013

tuna pepper cakes

Here's a twist to the classic tuna cakes. I had a few bell peppers and got a little more creative by using them for the cakes. Aside from adding flavor, they provided the ideal holder for the tuna mixture and prevented them from falling apart while pan frying. As for the presentation, the contrast of the red and green bell peppers also made the tuna cakes more colorful on the plate.

I sliced the peppers into about 1/2" inch thick rings. It would have been more interesting if the bell peppers had more shapes and curves rather than just round. The more colorful the peppers, the better. Shown below, on a piece of plastic wrap, I laid out the bell pepper rings then pressed the tuna mixture into the shapes. I topped them with more panko breadcrumbs and sesame seeds before cooking. For the basic tuna cakes, I used 2 cans of solid albacore tuna. I like combining canned tuna in olive oil and in water. Drain the tuna well in a colander and gently press out extra liquid with a fork. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Stir in one egg, a little lime or lemon juice, worcestershire sauce (optional), finely minced onions, enough panko or regular breadcrumbs, and mayonnaise or thick sour cream (I used Kewpie brand Japanese mayo). Season with salt and pepper according to taste and mix well. The mixture may be prepared ahead then refrigerated until ready to use. Serve with a simple remoulade or creamy mustard sauce or dressing.

red and green bell pepper rings filled with tuna mixture

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