March 29, 2013

cake roll

Classic desserts like jelly roll cake are light enough to serve after simple everyday meals but may always be made fancier for special occasions. There are so many possibilities for the fillings from a basic whipped cream with fresh fruits to more creative sweet flavors of custard.

I often go to You Tube to watch cooking and baking demonstrations. I always find it helpful when I'm unsure of a certain recipe procedure or technique. Watching the actual video tutorials make me more confident when trying out a new recipe. This cake roll recipe was from one of my favorite culinary channels called Cooking with Dog (the Japanese lady chef cooks beside her dog, Francis, who happens to be the host of the show :-) The original recipe uses macha green tea powder which sounds very good, however, I just wanted to make a lemon version for the custard and jam that I was planning to use for the filling. I used the same recipe but added grated lemon peel aside from the lemon flavoring. I learned a few tips and techniques from the step by step tutorial. This cake roll is a good alternative to heavier and richer butter cakes but will certainly satisfy a sweet dessert craving.

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