August 7, 2013

chocolate mug cake

I would call this a small miracle! This is just the perfect treat for a chocolate cake lover like myself. I find that a full size chocolate cake is just too much and I can't even share it with my husband. As I've mentioned before, he can't tolerate the taste of chocolate (with the exception of Lindt). It leaves him with a bitter aftertaste. I've never met anybody who doesn't care for chocolate until I met him :-)

This chocolate cake in a mug is just the right serving when those serious cravings hit. A big chocolate cake is not just impractical for me to make but a bit risky as I will just end up finishing the whole thing :-) The recipe makes two mugs of dark and moist chocolate cake. I used all purpose baking cocoa from King Arthur Flour, a combination of natural, black and Dutch-process cocoa. Each cake in the mug speed bakes in the microwave in 45 minutes flat. I could hardly wait to spread Nutella on the warm cake which took it to another dimension of rich chocolate taste.

a happy day with microwave chocolate mug cakes
I think the personal size serving is also a great idea for parties. An assortment of colorful and unique mug designs will add interest to the dessert table. I envision either bright colored mugs for a festive summer party or pastel mugs for a more relaxing setting. Please visit Chef John's blog for his chocolate mug cake recipe and watch the video for more tips and serving ideas.

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