April 10, 2014

falafels at home

Inspired by Falafel King and having serious cravings for those tasty falafels we had there at the Key West, I set out to try to make them again at home. Instead of canned, dried chickpeas or garbanzo beans were used in this recipe that I found, thanks to Shiksa in the Kitchen blog. The chickpeas were soaked overnight then rinsed well. I had to grind them a little at a time in the food processor as I tried to determine the correct texture. The first batch was too coarse but I eventually achieved the texture I preferred. Next time, I may try to half-cook the chickpeas to make them a bit more tender and easier to grind. I didn't like the coarse texture at all.

The procedure as shown above (1) grinding the soaked chickpeas or garbanzo beans in the food processor (2) the falafel ingredients just before mixing (3) ready to fry falafels

A colorful combination of diced cucumber and tomatoes, tossed in a light vinaigrette dressing, made a refreshing side salad, along with store-bought hummus and tzatziki sauce (a mixture of Greek or strained yogurt and finely chopped cucumber) completed our afternoon vegetarian snack.

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