September 9, 2014

chicken pastel

This Filipino version of chicken pot pie is usually served during the holiday season or other special occasions. It's traditionally oven-baked in a rectangular dish with a pie crust topping. I thought about making it simpler for weekday meals and this was the result.

Instead of making a pie crust for the topping, I made some sausage and cheese biscuits (shown below) and served them with the chicken dish. The biscuits were tasty with the browned sausage bits and cheese and were perfect with the creamy chicken.

For the Chicken Pastel recipe...

2 whole chicken breast, boiled and cubed
1 can Vienna sausage or about 1 cup smoked sausage, sliced
2-3 medium potatoes, diced
2 small carrots, diced
1/2 cup sliced green olives
diced red and green bell peppers (optional)
1/2 cup onions, chopped
2 small cloves garlic, minced
heavy cream
salt and pepper to taste
butter for sauteeing

In a heavy wok or pot, brown the sliced sausages then transfer to a colander set on a bowl to drain.Add more butter to the pan then saute onions and garlic in butter together until onions become translucent. Add chicken cubes and the rest of the vegetables, olives and sausage. Add heavy cream then season with salt and pepper. Simmer and keep warm until serving time.

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