July 19, 2015

jam & jelly maker

With strawberries still at their prime this summer, it was time to finally test this new gadget. It was a project that has been on hold for awhile now since my husband gave me this Ball Jam and Jelly Maker last Christmas. We were surprised how big the actual pot was when we unboxed it upon receiving it. It comes with a stirring paddle attached in the middle which starts as soon as the jam or jelly button is pressed.

I have to say, this gadget will surely please any avid jam & jelly maker and seller out there. Jams & jellies always make great gifts for the holiday season, so this is a handy gadget for such projects. It was very easy to use with simple instructions.

fresh strawberries all washed & ready for the test
Wash and drain the strawberries. Hull them and carefully crush with a potato masher. For jam, I prefer the berries chunkier than totally pureed. Measure the fruit and set aside. The enclosed recipe has two options, traditional or reduced sugar. We chose reduced sugar that required more fruit. Add the pectin into the pot followed by the fruit. Press the jam button to activate the stirrer and the timer. Wait for the beep before adding the sugar. It will automatically stop when the jam is done. Proceed with the canning process next. Otherwise, the jam may just be refrigerated or enjoyed immediately while still warm.

The jam making process shown above (1) Ball Real Fruit classic pectin and a set of lids (2) strawberry huller gadget worked well and made the job easier (3) strawberries crushed with a potato masher (4) the crushed strawberries in the jam maker (5) adding the sugar after the beep (6) a sample of the strawberry jam (7) tasty with gluten-free scones (8) strawberry jam preserved in jars.

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