October 3, 2015

more bento fun

It was exciting to receive these cute bento accessories (shown below) which I ordered from BentoUSA. There was never a dull moment visiting the website. Such a cute and happy store :-) I had fun browsing the merchandise and ordering was fast and easy.

I immediately started with new bento projects and tried using the fruit and vegetable cutters, rice and egg molds as well as the cute food picks.

layers of pretty cheese flowers 

carrot flower, pasta carbonara in a bright pink bento box

mini spam musubi, meatballs, hotdog tulips...cute panda pick 

I also enjoyed making these "kyaraben" or character bento (shown above and below) using the panda and cat rice molds. It was fun but the results were far from perfect :-) Positioning the nori cut-outs was a bit challenging. A dainty bento food tweezer was the right tool for the job.

panda bear rice with sweet and sour meatballs

a petite bento with steamed vegetables and rice

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