October 28, 2015

panda bear jam sandwich

Here's a sweet panda bear sandwich idea that's so cute and adorable :-) It was my first time to test another bento accessory, a panda shape sandwich cutter that I recently ordered from BentoUSA.

At first I was disappointed that it didn't work very well with my homemade bread. I was making a big mess with the crumbly bread until I thought about using a rolling pin to flatten the bread a bit. It turned out to be an important step. It was much easier to make neater cuts on the flattened bread. First, cut two pieces of bread using the panda shape cutter (which doubles as a rice molder too). Then with the other cutter, punch out the eyes, nose etc. Spread with blueberry jam then sandwich together.

this set comes with a rice molder and sandwich cutter

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