May 10, 2016

summer melon drink

Just because it's almost summer and it feels like it with temperatures shooting up to the 80's these past few days...I thought about making this melon drink. It's a simple concoction made with grated or shredded cantaloupe, sugar and water. Cantaloupe is actually called "melon" in the Philippines.

In Manila, it's very common to use this particular shredder gadget to make the cantaloupe "strings" as shown above. At the local markets, it's also a common sight to see melon vendors making this drink right at their stalls. Chop the shredded cantaloupe in smaller pieces if the strings are too long. Transfer them to a pitcher, add water, sugar and ice cubes. The amount of sugars depends on the sweetness of the fruit. For me, this is also one of the best ways to make a not so flavorful cantaloupe much better and more enjoyable. This melon drink never fails to bring back memories of hot summer days in Manila :-)

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