March 2, 2005


One of my husband's all-time favorites. It requires a fragrant orange flower water flavoring which we finally found in an international food & deli market. About a half tablespoon of it mixed with the syrup which is poured over the baklava as soon as it comes out of the oven usually leaves the kitchen smelling so wonderful. A very good dessert that goes very well with a Greek meal of moussaka. Keeps well in the fridge, the toasted phyllo sheets stay crispy. It's not very difficult to make as I thought at first but just be prepared to grind 3 kinds of nuts: pistachio, walnuts & almonds, easy to do it in the food processor anyway. The layering takes some time brushing melted butter in between the phyllo sheets as you go along and alternating with the nut mixture but believe's worth it. Posted by Hello

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