March 11, 2005

sinigang na hipon

Got lucky to find some fresh prawns at the grocery nearby sometime ago. Made sinigang (shrimp sour soup) out of them and made sure it was extra sour. I'm thankful that fresh seafood is abundant in our area. There are several seafood markets in town selling fresh fish like red snapper (when it's in season), grouper, etc. I had some frozen string beans which they call yard-long beans here which I remembered to add to the sinigang. The more common green beans available all year round in groceries are always a good substitute for the string beans & for additional greens, I use green leaf lettuce. Roma tomatoes (as ripe as possible - the same kind available in the Philippines although sometimes much smaller) are a better tomato variety for the sinigang. My husband's allergic to shrimps and can't have them so I just cook them for myself. Not very often though because I don't really want to cook another dish just for myself to eat so whenever we eat out & I find seafood in the menu, I usually order it. Posted by Hello

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