June 9, 2005

fresh spring rolls

Using the vietnamese or thai spring roll wrappers, the kind you soak in warm water for a few seconds to soften, this is an easy & quick appetizer for an Asian meal. It's also a good snack idea or merienda. Frying is eliminated so it can be considered a healthy dish. For the filling, ground beef or chicken may be used. Another alternative is shredded boiled chicken. Mix in some veggies like carrot strips for color & sliced cabbage if bean sprouts are not available. You may also add some tree ear mushrooms soaked in warm water & sliced thinly. And don't forget to add some vermicelli or sotanghon. For the dip, I made some peanut sauce but sweet chili sauce also works. Serve them with green leaf or iceberg lettuce & you have an elegant Asian treat.

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