June 9, 2005

leche flan with fruits

My husband recently invited three of his friends from work for dinner. He's very considerate though, he usually asks me first if it's alright. I like that. Tell you what, it's not easy to think of food to fix which appeals to anybody. No problem with the dessert though. This traditional dessert is a well-loved favorite back in Manila and not just back there. The Spanish influence on our food, having been under Spain for about 400 years, still remains. This dessert is also a Hispanic tradition and it's not unusual to find it in dessert menus in Mexican restaurants. It's often listed as flan. It's the same all-time favorite dessert. I also make a Venezuelan version of this using coconut milk instead of evaporated or regular milk. The texture is finer & lighter. I haven't met anybody who didn't like this dessert! So with a group of guys for dinner, with varied tastes in food, I didn't think twice, this is the dessert to fix! And I wasn't mistaken, they all loved it. Who wouldn't? This rich creamy dessert, with a caramelized sugar syrup running down the sides as you invert it onto a plate, is a sure winner.

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