June 29, 2005

strawberry scones

Having picked so much strawberries from the farm left me wondering whether there were some other new recipes I could try. There's no recipe you can't have access to online. It's just amazing and so helpful. Here I tried strawberry scones - I found the recipe from a bed & breakfast website. This was from a list of a variety of breakfast food they serve in b & b's everywhere. I must admit these scones using fresh strawberries are just good while they're still hot & crispy. After a while the moisture from the fresh strawberries made the scones a bit soggy. This was the first time I used fresh fruit in scones. I've always just used dried fruits like cranberries most of the time. These strawberry scones are very good and go well with some homemade strawberry jam - check out the next article. Scones appeal to us more these days since we started drinking more tea than coffee and these are just perfect to have with tea. I guess biscotti is for coffee and scone is for tea!

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