August 7, 2005

summer fruit tart

With the abundance of luscious summer fruits in the market today, it's definitely the right season to make this very colorful tart. Start off with a frangipane custard base made with ground almonds or walnuts. Bake & let cool before topping with fresh fruit. It's best to use the nicest berries & kiwi combination you can find in the market. Unfortunately, big outdoor produce markets are not common in our area but we do have some smaller ones around.
It's always interesting to browse in those markets, we do have a lot of those where I come from.
But we have many grocery stores carrying a selection of good quality fresh fruits & veggies. Peaches from Georgia are the best, so sweet, juicy & mouth-watering. Lately we have been getting good grapefruit from California too. I love these summertime fruits!

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