October 6, 2005

cinnamon rolls

Dried cranberries instead of the usual raisins added an interesting twist to these classic cinnamon rolls. They have the same chewy characteristic as raisins and often make a good substitute. We had to cancel our "pizza at home" plan one night, when I realized we ran out of grated cheese, but I had already mixed the dough for the crust, so I decided to store it in a small plastic container in the freezer. Two days later, I thought about the dough in the freezer and decided to thaw it out in the fridge. It was still rising pretty good when I took it out of the fridge to punch down and roll out for the cinnamon rolls. Freezing the dough turned out to be a good "make ahead" idea. I just used the instant mix, quick & ready in 5 minutes. I have also made cinnamon rolls with the same basic pan de sal dough recipe, but it takes more time. For a quick breakfast treat of cinnamon rolls, this instant roll mix works out well everytime.

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