October 7, 2005

spam and egg maki rolls

I was watching a feature on the Food Network about Spam and how popular it is in Hawaii. It's definitely a pantry staple in the Philippines along with canned corned beef. In Hawaii, spam sushi appeals to almost everyone. I got this spam and egg maki idea from that feature actually and I thought about trying it combined with egg and even with some carrot & cucumber strips. Had no idea that the same idea won in last year's Spamarama festival in Austin, TX had I not watched the festival also on the Food Network sometime ago! Actually two women contestants from Hawaii won. Anyway, I have been making these rolls for quite sometime now. I must admit Spam is good with anything. This will most probably appeal to Filipinos since our tastebuds always crave for spam with egg, and not just for breakfast. I remember Spam's counterpart in Manila from China was the Maling brand luncheon meat. Somehow, whether it was true or not, some destructive write-up about Maling gave Pinoys a scare but that must have been from some local brand trying to compete with Maling's popularity . As of now, I believe Maling brand had either lost it's popularity or had totally disappeared from the market. I read there's now a Spamjam restaurant in Manila. Very clever idea. I bet it's popular too.


  1. hi
    thanks for stopping by...i love your blog name! i am also into food and design...i trully enjoy plating whatever i tweak in the kitchen!
    i will do this spamaki's!:) you know we even tried tuyo in it!

  2. I appreciate your feedback and comment. Thanks for the cool name you gave it...spamaki...it's perfect! I bet the tuyo works well with the flavor of the nori.