October 12, 2005

key lime cheesecake bars

The same texture and taste as regular cheesecake but in bite-size portions. As I've mentioned before, there's no recipe you can't find online these days. I printed out several variations, which I have also tried and tested, but this one is the best so far. The amount of tart key lime juice, a half cup of it, in this recipe is a good balance to the rich cream cheese. I prefer to use bottled key lime juice which I find so convenient to use. I even use it as a substitute for calamansi ( calamondine ) or lemons. Saves time in squeezing the juice from the fresh lemons and when in a rush, this is quite an advantage. The graham cracker crumb crust is first baked blind for about 8 to 10 minutes, allowed to cool before pouring in the cheesecake mixture to bake next. I have learned to love and appreciate cheesecake here in the US. I must admit they make some pretty mean ones out here. The quality of dairy products in the US is excellent. They have definitely mastered the correct techniques in the production of dairy products here, no doubt about that. So they mean business when it comes to rich desserts, ice cream, milkshakes and cheesecake, of course. The variety of cheesecake is the market is also superb. Although I have met a few who don't care for cheesecake at all, there are some who can't live without it and crave it. Count me in. Although once I had a serving, I'm good to go without it for awhile. These bite-size cheesecake portions are ideal to serve anytime and they're always best made a day ahead and refrigerated before cutting.

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