November 3, 2005

caprese sandwich

My favorite order at a good Italian restaurant near our place, which is easy to make at home. Fresh mozarella, fresh basil leaves direct from our potted herb collection, and fresh tomatoes are the three key ingredients to this simple fare. We're quite fortunate to be in a very diverse area with a variety of food shops and restaurants serving international cuisine. A special treat for us is visiting our favorite wine and cheese shop. They have a variety of interesting cheeses from all over the world and we're quite pleased with everything we've tried and bought so far. The quality of their cheeses as well as their wine assortment is excellent. I must say I have a preference for hard cheeses like Manchego and aged gouda. Back in Manila, I was used to the "queso de bola" which we usually buy for Christmas and New Year. It's actually an aged gouda which is very popular during the holiday season. I guess I'm always willing to try new cheese varieties as long as they're not too stinky or "moldy" ( I mean with the veins ) but I don't have a problem trying out blue cheese, it depends on how strong it is, some are mild anyway. I usually make this sandwich or caprese salad version if we get some fresh mozarella from the cheese shop. Sprinkled with olive oil, a little salt and pepper, it's a very light but satisfying vegetarian treat.

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