November 15, 2005

fruit creations

Travelling back home from Vegas this summer, my aunt and I were browsing the airline’s inflight magazine and found this great idea for a fruit instead of a floral centerpiece. Actually it was an ad for a company specializing in this kind of fruit arrangements. Just like cookie bouquet greetings, somebody had a very creative idea with fruits targeting the more health conscious clientele. Since my aunt was having some friends over for dinner a few days after we got back, we thought this wasn't just a lovely idea but quite unique. The guests were impressed with the food presentations. We had an international theme that night, these fruit pastries we made were also a hit. Very simple to make with just store-bought mini pastry cups ready to be filled with your favorite custards and fruit. Mini fruit or pecan pies are also very easy to make with these ready crusts. We topped our fruit tarts with whipped cream.

We were actually looking for chocolate cups but had no luck finding them. We got the idea from the dessert buffet at the Monte Carlo hotel where we stayed. The chocolate cups I guess are not readily available in the market as these pastry cups. But the chocolate cups sure looks good too. It showcases the colorful fruit. The fruit projects were fun to make.

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