November 18, 2005

thanksgiving bread

We’re off to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws in their quiant hometown in Tennessee where my husband grew up. I’m bringing a few loaves of this challah bread to give to my husband’s family there. I wrapped them in some cellophane I found at the dollar store, with a thanksgiving design and tied them with some raffia. All they need now are the gift tags. They always enjoy this bread, (which I learned from my aunt in Chicago and which I’ve talked about in an earlier post) very appropriate and good for french toast. It’s the season for food, glorious food, once again. Our seven-hour drive is always worth it. It’s always fun and memorable to spend quality time with the family. I’m lucky to have family here in the US. My aunt, who’s also in Tennessee, often invites us for special ocassions and holidays. Although I’m oceans away from my immediate family in Manila, I’m still thankful that the distance doesn’t lessen the closeness and caring we have for one another. Having a family is a special blessing, a gift I’ll always be thankful for. Be back in a week, hopefully with more holiday food and travel photos from the trip, in the meantime, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!

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