November 26, 2005

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving at my in-laws' place is always a memorable event. Getting together with family is the highlight of this very special holiday and it's what makes Thanksgiving such a happy ocassion. Ham and smoked turkey were the main courses this year. I forgot to take a picture of the whole turkey before it was carved though. We all agreed that smoked turkey is much better and much more flavorful. Never had turkey before I came here in the US but I've learned to adapt and appreciate the significance of it during this very important American holiday.
One of the side dishes is dressing. My mom-in-law made this a day ahead from homemade cornbread that she set aside and left to dry out to become "stale" on the kitchen counter. A very traditional Thanksgiving baked dish that goes very well with the turkey. Cornbread was crumbled and combined with sauteed chopped onions, celery and eggs. My mom-in-law added that chicken or turkey broth plus lots of rubbed sage are key ingredients that give this dish it's flavor. Another side dish that has become one of my favorites is this vegetable relish which has
green peas, chopped red and green bell peppers, green beans and corn. The sweet and sour mix of flavors provided a good balance to the rich holiday food. A very good make ahead side dish. Squash casserole is my sister-in-law's
specialty which she makes every year. She used yellow squash and sprinkled cheddar cheese on top. Another hit on the Thanksgiving table, this is a most requested side dish and has become a family favorite. Back home now but still reminiscing about the memorable visit and looking forward to the coming holiday season.

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