December 13, 2005


Siomai has always been an easy finger food which appeals not just to adults but to kids as well. Steamed dimsums are popular Chinese appetizers. Some countries have their own versions of course. Like the ravioli in Italy. In Korea, they have "mandu" which is basically the same as the Japanese "gyozas". Made of ground pork or of a combination of ground pork and ground beef, siomai may or may not have ginger although a hint of it is a welcome addition. The photo above shows the siomai before the steaming. Leaving some space between them prevents them from sticking to one another. Brushing the steamer basket with oil is also a good way to avoid sticking. My sister-in-law back in Manila always makes these & I must say this is one of her many specialties. They're a favorite "baon" or snack food of her kids to school. Freezing doesn't alter their flavor at all and microwaving is a perfect way to reheat them. They can also easily be added to instant ramen or chicken soups.

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