December 13, 2005

pumpkin cake roll

The holiday season isn't over yet and so pumpkins are still at their peak. A common and well-loved dessert using pumpkin is obviously pumpkin pie. Browsing my recipe collection the other day, I was trying to search for some other dessert ideas aside from the usual pumpkin pie, which I think is more practical to buy than make, I came across this one from Libby's, a pumpkin cake roll made with canned pureed pumpkin with cream cheese frosting filling. Interesting and different. It was quick to make.

The result was a very moist snack cake with a mild pumpkin flavor. The cream cheese filling was a perfect match for it. It's the same cream cheese frosting for carrot cake. Chopped walnuts may be added to the filling or even to the cake. Canned pureed pumpkin is not as popular in Manila. I don't remember ever seeing pumpkin pies in bakeshops there. But here, the holidays don't seem to be complete without pumpkin pie, as well as sweet potato, apple and pecan pies. From what I have observed, these are the most popular pies during the holidays.

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