February 10, 2006

clubhouse sandwich

We have officially declared weekends as relax to the max, no-cook days. The idea and inspiration for this sandwich came from an issue of Everyday Food magazine. The featured sandwich actually had a southwestern flair, with cumin spice and avocado. We have since discovered that avocado is a good substitute for mayo. Since my husband is not a mayo fan, this substitute works well for him. Thin avocado slices were layered along with some spinach leaves, turkey, ham, cheese slices and scrambled egg. Hard-boiled egg slices instead of scrambled eggs would also be perfect. A great idea for a late breakfast or lunch, I have to say, there must probably be unlimited clubhouse sandwich variations out there. And I don’t think you can get wrong with any variation you can come up with. A basic BLT sandwich can be built up to clubhouse sandwich proportions, given a few more ingredients to complement it. For the bread, I used our recent discovery and favorite caraway rye baked from the Hodgson Mill bread machine mix. The tartness of the rye and the extra caraway seeds in it, makes this bread ideal for a rich and hearty sandwich like this. Having done a few variations in the past, this is one of the best we’ve come up with.


  1. Hi! You can also use mango slices instead of the avocado. I once ate at Delifrance & ordered their chicken-mango clubhouse sandwich. I liked it. Have made this several times already. Mangoes are available all year round here in the Philippines.

  2. Welcome back! Your comments are always a source of inspiration & ideas. Mango slices will definitely work, I can almost taste the chicken ( it was probably grilled ) & mango combination, it just proves that there are really so many good versions to try. Once again, thanks for your tip.