February 12, 2006


I got into an experimental mood one day having run out of corn tortillas when I was about to make these enchiladas. We also have this popular Mexican dish for dinner on a regular basis now. I had all the ingredients I needed to make it except for the corn tortillas. I tried to scan through my cookbooks for a recipe. All of them called for a particular “masa harina” or corn flour which, as specified in the recipes, is not the same as cornmeal. I’ve seen this type of flour sold in most grocery stores. I still have a container-full of cornmeal so I thought about making “corn tortilla-crepes” instead.
Using the available yellow cornmeal, combined with some whole wheat flour, I altered my basic crepe recipe to come up with the cornmeal crepes. They worked great for the enchiladas. They were thin, light and pliable which made it easy for me to wrap them around the meat filling. The basic meat filling I make is usually with lean ground beef, browned with sliced onions, chopped fresh tomatoes and flavored with cumin or southwestern spices. I usually add corn kernels and black beans to the mixture. Some grated cheese goes in with the wrapped enchiladas and also on top.

The enchiladas may be baked or broiled until the cheese has melted. Some minced jalapenos, fresh cilantro, lime slices, extra enchilada sauce, light sour cream and minced green onions are always good to have on the side for an extra sprinkle of flavors.Some guacamole and tortilla chips completed our Mexican meal that night ( see spread below ).


  1. Just checked out your blog. Yummm! was looking for Caldereta recipes on the web. Made my first today. I used venison. & a caldereta dry mix w/ coconut milk & beef stock.

    My boys loved it. Next time garbanzos & green olives! :)

  2. Welcome to the site! I can tell that you're as inspired as I am when it comes to cooking. Thanks for the nice feedback and for browsing, it feels good to be able to exchange ideas with you. The coconut milk is a really good one. Thanks for the tip.