March 13, 2006

fruit pizza

Finally remembered to get a supply of phyllo sheets at the grocery today, but browsing the freezer section, I also found some puff pastry, which I've also been meaning to try, so I decided to get a box. It contains two folded pastry sheets. I've always wanted to make some kind of fruit pizza I've seen before somewhere. It took only a few minutes for the puff pastry sheet to thaw out. Found this citrus fruit tart recipe in Pepperidge Farm's puff pastry website and tried it tonight. Now that warmer weather is finally here and more fruits are in season, there's no better time to make this light fruity dessert. Use low or reduced fat cream cheese for a healthier version. This was my first attempt to use ready-to-bake frozen puff pastry and now I know why even those chefs on tv prefer to use it and even endorse it. Aside from the convenience, it bakes and puffs up really well with all the light and flaky layers, lightly toasted and just perfect. I will definitely try it again with some other ideas later. Right now, I'm just glad how good this fruit pizza turned out.


  1. Looks so yummy. If only I can find puff pastry sheets here in the Phils., I will definitely try this. Good job.

  2. Hi thanks once again! Although very convenient, I just found out that one of the ingredients is high fructose corn syrup, w/c we're trying to avoid, so that's too bad. But I'm sure there's a recipe to make puff pastry from scratch. Will research it & post it later, so you can try it back there. I appreciate the feedback.