March 12, 2006

gyozas or potstickers

Known as mandoo in Korea and gyozas in Japan, these Asian dumplings or popularly called potstickers here, are now served and enjoyed almost everywhere. They have become as popular as springrolls, with likewise as many variations with the fillings. Basic filling consists of ground lean pork, shredded napa cabbage, and sliced green onions seasoned with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Adding minced garlic and ginger, however, result in a very pronounced Oriental flavor. Napa or chinese cabbage is often used in Korean mandoo, but shedded bokchoy or cabbage work just as well. Ready to use frozen gyoza wrappers are sold in Asian food stores. Cooking them by steaming right in the pan is a quick and easy method. Grease a heavy frying pan wiith about two tablespoons of oil. Arrange the dumplings in a circular pattern in the pan, as shown in the photo above.Turn up the heat to brown the underside, lower the heat and add a little water to the pan to start steaming them until cooked. Soy sauce, lemon juice and sliced green onions were combined for a basic dipping sauce. I never tried to make these when I was still in Manila. We often made siomai [ discussed about this in a previous post ] instead of these. But most Chinese and Japanese restaurants around here have them in their appetizer menus along with springrolls or eggrolls. They freeze well and may be added to ramen or other noodle soups.


  1. Yes, me too! I'm thinking about making another batch. Thanks for your comment :-)