June 16, 2006

the best mangoes

This is the real deal, Manila mango variety imported from Mexico, with the brand name Frutas Finas. There has been an ongoing controversy which started when mangoes with the brand name Manila Mangoes hit the international markets. Mango growers from the Philippines protested the use of the brand name which they say was misleading to the consumers. But mango growers in Mexico claimed that the seedlings came from Manila. I’m not sure if they have since resolved their issues. I can only say that I’m delighted that I can get the mango variety I like best here in the U.S now. These are identical in taste and texture as the mangoes sold in Manila. A couple of varieties are sold there, one is the "kalabaw" or carabao and the other one is the "piko". Both are good but I like the carabao variety best. Compared to the other mango variety available in most grocery stores these days, the flesh of this mango is darker yellow, smooth and very sweet. After several unsuccessful attempts, I was finally able to get a box from the Philippine grocery store. I just have to take advantage of this seasonal summer treat. Back in Manila, I used to regularly buy mangoes by the kilo at the local open market. It still tops my list as my favorite fruit.


  1. Mangos are my absolute favorite fruit, too! ^5!!

  2. Yes mangoes are the best, glad we agree! Thanks for the nice comment!