June 7, 2006

baked poblano rellenos & cornbread loaf

This was the result of my version of chiles rellenos. They came out looking more like enchiladas than the traditional Mexican chiles relleno. I was actually trying to come up with an easier procedure, eliminating the time consuming roasting of the chiles and messy peeling of the charred skin. I was curious whether the skin will be tough when cooked, but we had no problem with it. However, the only downside of skipping the roasting process was that it was lacking the smoky flavor from the roasted chiles. Cut or slice the poblanos in half. Remove the seeds, rinse and pat dry. Arrange the poblanos halves on a baking dish or pan. Ground beef was browned and flavored with cumin or Southwestern seasoning. Mix in some chopped fresh tomatoes, onions, and cheese to the cooked ground beef. Additional ingredients like corn kernels and cooked black beans are optional but will make the dish more colorful and interesting. The meat filling was then spooned into the poblanos.Top with chopped fresh tomatoes, onions and grated cheese right before baking. A little more cheese was sprinkled as soon as the dish was out of the oven. Garnished with chopped cilantro. This method proved to be a lot easier and faster,
so when in a rush, this works great. I think corn bread always goes well with Mexican entrees. I decided to make some to go with the poblano chiles rellenos here, with the absence of corn tortillas. This one ( shown in the photo above ) was baked in a standard loaf pan instead of a skillet. We like our cornbread a little moist and more like a muffin in texture. I added minced jalapenos in this batch.

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