June 5, 2006

greek yoghurt cake

A few Greek dessert specialties like baklava are now so widely accepted everywhere and enjoyed by many for years. But there are still a few that are yet to be discovered. I have to say this yoghurt cake is one of them. This is a dense and moist cake similar to a pound cake but with a light and airy texture, flavored with a very citrusy orange flower water. This was the first time I tried to make this Greek cake. I’ve been meaning to make it but keep forgetting to pick up some yoghurt for the recipe. I’m not sure if real Greek yoghurt is even available at our favorite grocery, so I just bought a container of plain regular yoghurt instead. I read that Greek yoghurt is more like a basic sour cream and in fact, it can very well be substituted for it. I encountered no problem using the plain yoghurt I bought. The cake came out just like the way I envisioned it. I found this recipe in one of the series of cookbooks we have here, with step by step instructions and pictures. I find them very easy to follow with successful results. The direction or procedure was unusual but interesting. A simple syrup made from sugar, water, orange zest and orange flower water may be served with the cake and drizzled over it upon serving. But this time I tried making a simple glaze with powdered sugar, flavored with orange flower water which was drizzled over the cake instead of the syrup. Fresh assorted berries sprinkled with orange zest will not only add a little tartness but will be essential for a colorful presentation. Toasted nuts like walnuts and pistachios will also add some crunch and will work well to better enjoy this sweet and flavorful cake.

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