July 17, 2006

blueberry lemon muffins

My blueberry obsession continues with these muffins loaded with the seasonal summer fruit.
Every year, I patiently wait for the best time when they reach their peak. I've always enjoyed going to a peach and blueberry farm in the summer with my aunt and her friend. Somehow I like the idea of looking for the best fruits and picking them myself. For these muffins, I turn to Tyler's Food 911 website again for the recipe. It uses one and a half cup of fresh blueberries with the zest of one lemon added to the batter. I like to combine whole wheat and regular all purpose flour in almost all the baking I do these days. I have grown to love blueberries here. They used to be so rare in Manila, and I would only see those tiny wild blueberries, along with locally grown and harvested strawberries, sold in the local markets of Baguio City, a city situated north of Manila. It's also a very popular summer destination in the Philippines, well-known for it's high elevation and cooler temperature. Those wild blueberries must be ideal for jams. I'm not sure if blueberries, as big and plump as those sold here in the summertime, are available in local supermarkets in Manila now, but back then they're quite unusual to find. I never knew about them when I was growing up since they're definitely not tropical fruits. Blueberries and lemons make me think about summer here, and blueberry muffins will continue to be unforgettable summer treats.

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