July 12, 2006

adobo version

Learned this many years ago from a friend who used to be the favorite chef in their family before she settled down. There are many adobo versions from the Philippines’ many regions. In the Bicol region, where they like their food hot and spicy, their adobo version is cooked with coconut milk and lots of chili. I featured this in a previous post after I got the recipe from a Filipino restauranteur who appeared on Martha Stewart’s show. This time, I sauteed garlic, onions & tomatoes, adding a small amounts of apple cider vinegar ( we prefer to use cane vinegar in the Philippines ) and soy sauce into the sauce. I prefer adobo with a combination of chicken and pork. Adobo may very well be the Philippines’ national dish. I guess it’s one of the better known dishes in Philippine cuisine which has been accepted by the international palate. Adobo may have just the perfect combination of flavors that appeal to almost everyone, something we Filipinos should be proud of.


  1. I learned to cook your version of adobo from my grandmother. I used pork only & when tender I removed it from the pan. With the remaining sauce I add radish cut into 1/2 by 2 strips & cook until tender before adding again the pork. Let it dry a little. This is good with plain or fried rice.

  2. The radish addition to the dish sounds great, will try it next time with the radish variety available here. It actually reminded me of another pork dish, which my mother used to cook. It's called "kilawin" - radish strips and some pork liver are usually added to the pork strips. Thanks!!!