September 23, 2006

apple snack cake

It was years ago back in Manila when I used to bake this simple coffee cake. Just one of the many quick favorites I enjoyed making for those light afternoon snacks back then. Warm and fresh from the oven, it brought back many happy memories of those lazy weekend afternoons I used to spend with family. I remember my father loved this cake. There were always apples imported from China available in Manila markets which I used mostly to make apple pies during the holiday season, as well as this particular snack cake.

thinly sliced gala apple was arranged on top in a circular manner

sprinkled with cinnamon-brown sugar mixture and finely chopped walnuts before baking

Easier and quicker to make than apple pie, I must say it looked good with thinly sliced apples arranged on top in a circular manner. I was debating whether to peel or not to peel the apples, but unfortunately I decided not to. No problem on the overall appearance and taste of the cake, but the peel was obviously a bit of a distraction. I guess it depends on the variety of apple but I used gala apple, which is usually pretty good & sweet but the peel didn't really get tender when baked. The way the apples were sliced also mattered. I was thinking, if I had diced it instead, the peel wouldn't have bothered me so much. But I was going for a more interesting presentation. Ground cinnamon and brown sugar were combined for the sweet streusel-like topping while the addition of finely chopped walnuts, although optional, added some extra crunch. It filled the kitchen with a sweet cinnamon aroma as it baked. Next time I may try to add a little applesauce to the batter, for extra flavor. Sprinkled with powdered sugar, this snack cake may also be served with vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

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