September 22, 2006

fresh fruit kabobs

Not just an attractive way to serve fresh summertime fruits but very convenient as well. The idea for these fresh fruit kabobs isn't really new. I've seen this style featured in cookbooks and cooking shows a few times. It's actually an easy task that even kids may be assigned to do. I found some shorter than the regular length wood skewers at a dollar store sometime ago which were just perfect for these kabobs. The more colorful the fruit the better. For this batch, a simple mix of cubed kiwi, papaya and pineapple made a very tropical combination. There's a franchise with this new idea called Edible Arrangements that in my opinion has a very innovative approach making use of cut up fresh fruits presented in a creative arrangement instead of the usual flowers for for special occasion deliveries. I have posted about it back when my aunt & I first saw an ad about it. We then tried our best to replicate the idea as a fruit centerpiece for her party.

our fruit centerpiece version

It looked pretty good although the fruit we used, especially the pineapple, must have been overripe and extra juicy because they were dripping all throughout the party. Good thing we had a big tray underneath the basket or else it would have made a terrible mess. I guess the fruit must be ripe and sweet but still firm so that getting them through the skewers will be easier and will not be too much of a problem.

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