September 2, 2006

picnic food

Our favorite picnic food

We recently got into a fun sport activity which we really enjoy, kayaking. Never have I thought about even trying to get in a kayak and start paddling away. Not for a non-swimmer like me! But this is recreational kayaking, not the daring and wild whitewater river adventures often associated with kayaking. We paddle in a relaxed pace preferably in very quiet and smooth, almost glassy water conditions. We always bring a picnic lunch with us, simple sandwiches or wraps. Deli meats, an assortment of cheese, hard-boiled eggs, fruits, etc. make a good combination for us. I have just told my niece about my foodblog, and I would like her to see and read my post about our kayaking and picnics the next time she goes online.

A perfect sunny day to be out in the water

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