August 31, 2006

a simple side dish

One of the many simple everyday dishes often forgotten but good to be reminded of after it's long absence. Ground beef is one of those staples I can never do without. So many possibilities with ground beef that makes it so handy to have it around. My cousin and I bonded in the kitchen while I was visiting. There were a few dishes she cooked that I must admit I've missed, like this sauteed ground beef and green beans dish which we often make back in Manila but which I seemed to have set aside in my ongoing quest for new recipes to try. But it's good to be reminded of the basics, and this is one fine example. She cooked what her kids like, mostly basics and not too complicated. I cooked some dishes I haven't cooked in a while like beef caldereta ( a favorite of her youngest ), chicken with pineapple, chicken satay, vietnamese spring rolls ( a hit with everyone ) etc. I also baked batches of ensaymada and pan de sal ( roll popular in Manila ) and also tried a chicken salad with grapes and toasted walnuts, an idea we got from the tea house, where my aunt took me and a few of our friends for lunch one day. I will be posting about this luncheon later on. For this easy dish, lean ground beef is cooked and browned in a skillet. My cousin flavored it with oyster sauce and some fish sauce. The combination is very Thai inspired. The green beans and carrots were julienned and added to the beef. The colorful dish is usually served as a main or side dish with steamed rice.

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