January 30, 2007

dessert take out

Everytime we go out to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant, which is an easy five minute drive from our place, there's always that temptation to order two of the most irresistible desserts in their menu. Not a very difficult decision to make. Crispy cream-filled cannoli and creamy tiramisu went home with us this particular day. They were perfect with some hot tea at home. The servings were just enough for a little taste of our favorite desserts. A full recipe of cake or dessert is always too much for us and we often end up getting tired of it. This is why I think it's just practical for us to pick up single servings of desserts like these, when the craving is on.


  1. Yummy. Hoping to taste this dessert when I go there this spring.

  2. we'll make sure you get your own carry out dessert!!! regards