January 28, 2007

pancit canton ( asian style noodles )

Inspired by a recent post from one of my favorite foodies, Sassy of Pinoy Cook ( her foodblog is listed under my favorites ) I made this Cantonese style stir fried noodles for dinner. We checked out a Korean store last weekend. Among the supplies we picked up was this Japanese soba noodles, which I used in this dish instead of the usual egg noodles. It turned out really well, the soba noodles absorbed the sauce making it very flavorful. Lots of colorful veggies made the dish attractive. Stir-frying the veggies in a hot wok works well, but to better retain their bright colors, it's best to blanch them for a few minutes then just stir fry them with the noodles before serving. Some of the veggies I used were thinly & diagonally sliced, carrot, red and green bell pepper strips and sliced Chinese Napa cabbage. Blanch the veggies & set aside to drain. Cook the noodles al dente in boiling water, just like cooking pasta, then drain in a colander. Meanwhile, combine and mix well 1 tablespoon each oyster sauce, hoisin sauce and light soy sauce in a small bowl then set aside. Oyster & hoisin sauces can both be found in Oriental grocery stores, but these days some grocery stores now carry these as well. Next, pan fry some thinly sliced Chinese sausages in the wok until browned. Drain them on paper towels to get rid of excess fat. Reduce the fat in the wok to about 2 tbsps. and saute the garlic and onions for a few minutes. Add the sauce mix and about half cup of water. Add the cooked noodles to the sauce and toss until much of the broth is absorbed. Lastly, add the blanched veggies to the noodles and serve hot topped with some chopped scallions and lemon slices.
Japanese soba noodles ( above )

individual serving of the stir-fried noodles
with lemon or kalamansi slices

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